These are tools the web developer uses frequently.
Opinionated toolset. You probably won't use some of these.
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HTML5 video generator

Generates all the necessary code for HTML5 video, when given only three input values (Width, MP4 URL, and Youtube Video). Uses a Youtube link as a bulletproof fallback.


This is a simple textarea for typing anything you wish. Sometimes we just want a place where we can type.

Base64 Encoded URL Convertor

Converts any file you drop on the page into a Base64 Encoded URL


You have HTML code you want to place in a <PRE> tag element. You want it entified, so it plays nice with your <PRE> tag. This does that.

CSS Content Property Escaper

If you dislike working with raw Unicode in your text editor, you can use this tool to escape unicode for use in the content: property in CSS.

Favicon grabber / cheatsheet

Sometimes you just want a favicon without the fuss. Less importance is being placed on Favicons these days, and we need not care about them that much.

Flattr widget generator

Creates markdown for embedding Flattr widgets. Handy for inserting into Github readmes.


Mangles Javascript up very badly. This is a fun programming tool to bewilder anyone who has the misfortune to read your source-code. Not production friendly.

Link-list to Markdown convertor

You need a list of links converted to Markdown? This does that.

Link list opener

For opening a bunch of links in multiple windows. Handy for splitted archives hosted on Cyberlockers due to their file-upload size limits.

JavaScript Packify

You have JavaScript. You need to pack it to a really small size. This does that. Based on Ben Alman's (@cowboy) packer script.

Sitemap Generator

You have a list of URLs. You want to generate a sitemap out of them. This does that.

Bookmarklet Generator

You have JavaScript. You need a bookmarklet. This does that..